The HopeFUL Romantic

It distresses me to see the state of romance in college. Romance has been disregarded as nothing but childish fancy. To feel like they do in the ballads and the fairy tales is immature, they say. The mentality is that romance exists only in the plane of movie screen and novel page, but not in our third dimension, and that one should not waste time daydreaming about it. How can we give up on something so precious? Other than love, what emotion comes as close to that of romance? That heat, that...

Exploring the Cliffs with Ricky

My name is Mountain Chang, and I can climb anything! That's right, you're reading the LiveJournal of Mesa Robles Middle School's fastest pole-ascender. The first name should say it all already, but I bet none of you knew CHANG = Cliff-Hiking Adventurer of the Next Generation. More