Yesterday was Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was NOT Singles Awareness Day. It was Valentine’s Day! St. Valentine risked his life defending love! The Roman Emperor Claudius’ had placed a ban on marriage, but St. Valentine continuing wedding young lovers together. He was martyred so that love could live on!

(I got that story from a Pavilions market radio ad for wine. You know, the ones with nostalgic music and end with, “Pavilions. A world of difference”)

But Valentine’s this year was kind of disappointing. I don’t recall seeing any nervous boys nor embarassed girls, no boxes of chocolate nor bouquets of roses. I hope that’s just Cal Poly. I can’t stand the anti-holiday sentiment these days. First Christmas gets soiled, and now Valentine’s Day? It’s so immature that people just expect holiday love and cheer, and lash out against the institution when their selfish expectations weren’t fulfilled. The happiest people during holidays are the ones who spread the holiday spirit, the ones who expect nothing more than a smile and good wishes in return.