nighttime intensity

Back in high school, Steph pointed out to me that everything seems to be amplified at night. The most sincere expressions of love and friendship transpire, and so do the most heated exchanges of animosity. I tend to study, write, choreograph, and just think in general a lot better at night. As I drove back from La Jolla to the 7dudes house no less than half an hour ago, I think I figured out why this is so.

Night is void of sensory stimuli. During the daytime, our eyes are flooded with a barrage of complex images and colors. But at night, what we perceive visually is severely limited by the lack of light. The night is quieter too. With so few sights and sounds, our wits are left to concentrate on what is current, present, and immediate, which could be a task, a person, or oneself.

I developed a pretty “regular” sleeping schedule the past quarter, since I had to wake up at 8 every weekday. Perhaps this was beneficial because it kept me from the internal sessions with myself that inevitably occur at night. If i didn’t go to sleep early, I would probably have felt the way I do now: a little empty.

It’s so weird that I’m feeling empty. This was a really fun, really fulfilling weekend. I got to play with lots of old friends, and make some new ones too. Maybe it’s the knowledge that this is fleeting, temporary. Later today, I’ll be back in Hacienda Heights. Come Monday is the start of Spring Quarter.

The house is resting now. I’m going to follow suit. Good night!