It’s what you do!

Back in high school, I was directing a scene for Fall Festival and I asked one of my actors to do a stage fall. I demonstrated to him how I wanted it to look, but he couldn’t pull it off without compromising either its realism or his own safety.

Last weekend I spent a marvelous 2.5 days in San Diego. On Sunday, Harrison organized a MASA Hike of Triumph, and it was indeed triumphant. At the end of the hike was a pool of water fed by a waterfall. Everyone’s first reaction upon arrival was to how green the water was. However, we spoke with someone who said he had swam in murkier waters. When I dipped my feet in, they were clear through the water. The presence of fish was reassuring too. It was so cute, because as soon as my leg was in the water, all the fish appeared to line up in straight formations, as if they were a phalanx ready to attack me. It was a little scary, but still cute haha. Thanh and I had an exchange of “I’ll swim if you swim,” then Charles joined us afterwards.

We swam over to a little cove and chilled there for a bit, then Thanh got the bright idea to ride the waterfall as a slide! We went on to diving off of boulders and just having lots and lots of fun. When I described and showed pictures of the place to Ryan, he said wide-eyed, “That’s like my dreams come true!”

The hike back was awfully grueling, so steep was the climb, but I always appreciate a good binge of adrenaline followed by a chaser of endorphins. Later that night, I threw up and got a fever and I’ve had a cough ever since. I hadn’t exercised since that last Sunday trying to rest and recover, but today I couldn’t take it anymore and did my routine.

By any means, I am no top athlete, but since puberty I’ve been appreciative of what physical capabilities I do have, and I fully take advantage of them. Experiencing that rush of body strain followed by a week of inactivity made me think a lot about growing old, or getting into an accident. This was just one sedentary week, but to never be able to climb rocks and trees again? Or knowing that each day I will only be getting slower and weaker…It’s hard to fathom!

So let’s appreciate our youth and health =)