A good investment

I was listening to the radio on the way home today and some song came on going, “Let me buy you a drink.” I thought to myself, “Man, why would anyone buy a drink for a stranger?”

Before you invest in any company, you would want to do a little research: stock price history, financial statements, SWOT analysis, whatever. You would never put money in a company you know nothing about. So why would you spend money on a girl you know nothing about? Whether you’re looking for relationship potential or even just easy sex, there’s a few things you should find out before investing with a drink. Is she single? Is she freaky? Is she even a she? Buying a drink for a girl knowing only her looks is like buying stock knowing only its price.

With such little information, there’s too much risk.

On the flip side, they say your best investments are in companies you know well. Companies that you’ve either studied thoroughly, or a local business that you’ve seen in action and believe will make it big. The parallel to that would be, say, someone you’ve known for three years! You see that she has a likable product, solid business model, potential for growth, and high returns. Well-understood companies make good investments. Well-understood friends make great girlfriends. And when I found someone like that, never mind buying her a drink–I’m all in.