Understanding Muscles and Reps, with Starcraft 2

Korea is the world leader in Starcraft players and Asian Boys with Killer Abs, per capita…COINCIDENCE?! ( Photos: seoul space and Men’s Health Korea )

“Lift big, get big,” right? The relationship between muscles and reps isn’t that simple. But it’s easy to understand, using an analogy familiar to Asian Boys: Starcraft 2. Before you pick up another weight, take 5 minutes to learn how and why muscle adapts under different rep ranges. After all, you wouldn’t try to rush any unit without understanding its tech tree first, right? Read on to find out how many reps is best and why for your specific goal, whether it’s explosiveness, power, size, or endurance.

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Feature: Justin Fong & AutoCon

“Everything I do…is me. I love cars. I love marketing. I love people. I love design. I love art. You could say it’s the definition of Justin Fong.”

One of the things I’ve wanted to do with this blog is feature Asian Boys with Killer Abs, in a way that showcases the Killer Skills, diverse interests, and unique accomplishments of our members. I’ve known Justin since I was a kid (our moms are friends), but this was the first time we’ve ever really talked one-on-one. My mom forwarded an e-mail invite for an “AutoCon: Automotive Function & Charity Event,” that he was coordinating. That’s cool, I thought. I had seen some pictures of his pimp ride pop up on my Facebook and knew he was a big part of the car show community now. It’s great to see someone doing what he loves, and doing it well. I had also heard from my brother, who had seen him at the gym, that Justin is real jacked now, too. Then it clicked: he would be perfect for our first featured Asian Boy with Killer Abs. Continue reading