Does Your Exercise SUCK? A Checklist

Only in a population the size of China’s could you find this many happy joggers. ( Photo )

Dread prior. Misery during. Pain after. And through it all, is your exercise even helping you get where you want to be? Or might your exercise even be hurting you? (Note: “exercise” shall be taken to include sport and recreation too)

Happy (Lunar) New Year! We’re  a month into the Gregorian year, so it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your Gregorian New Year’s resolutions, and maybe replace them with some exercises that don’t suck. Every January 1st, people take up an exercise regime because they think it’s what they should do to be healthy, or must do to get a certain result. In most cases, this is completely false. If you’ve given up, or are on the verge of giving up, the exercise goals you’ve made, don’t feel too bad. Your exercise probably sucked. Now find something more fun, safe, effective and efficient to do. Here is a quick checklist of questions you can use to make sure you don’t end up doing exercises that suck again. To save time, you can skip the details and just take note of the questions in bold. Now, first question…

1. Is it fun?
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