Tears of the Beautiful and Wild

Before you read further, please watch this video about Keiko Fukuda, who at 93 years old became the first woman to earn a 9th dan black belt, the highest honor in Judo.

“Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful” -Sensei Keiko Fukuda

For the past week or so I’ve had a bout of dry eyes, a recurring annoyance for me. The last time I had dry eyes, my acupuncturist prescribed goji berries, as they have restorative effects on the liver, which in turn improves the eyes, according to TCM. It may have been just correlation, but when I started chowing on them my eyes felt better. This time around, though, the goji berries weren’t helping.

The video above showed up in my facebook feed today. At 3:10 mark, the interviewer asks Fukuda a question that hits somewhere deep inside. Her┬álip begins to tremble. A truth begins to form in her gentle face.┬áThen that truth, the essence of her life and spirit, come out in her words and her tears. My initial reaction was, “Is she regretting the path she chose?” I quickly realized that these were tears of Love, though bittersweet, and from a life lived in the way that she teaches: Strong, Gentle, and Beautiful. Continue reading