Why I Got a Shotgun, or The Importance of Self-Reliance

I got my first firearm: a shotgun. It’s a simple, reliable, pretty affordable, and highly versatile survival tool. Because of California’s waiting period, I was in anticipation for 10 days, and I shared my excitement over conversations. Unexpectedly but unsurprisingly, that excitement was usually met with puzzlement, and/or fear. But I enjoyed the discussion, and with each subsequent chat, I’ve been better able to refine my views.

So here, my California liberal friends, is Why I got a shotgun. Firearm knowledge and ownership are a natural extension of the same personal responsibility you apply to and cultivate in other areas of life.  Continue reading

Self-Employed No Income, or The Summer Vacation I Never Had

Beach & Beard, staples of Summer 2012. via Instagram

“What have you been up to, Mountain?”

If you’re my friend (real and/or facebook), you probably know I left my job in March to travel the country for 10 weeks, promoting my startup the Primal Professional. Since returning to San Diego late May, life has been less exciting, but different enough to warrant a blog post. We have enough savings and enough potential for income in the near future to be comfortable without clocking in for paychecks. But we don’t have so much savings nor such a guaranteed future income to really do everything we want to. It’s not quite 4-Hour Workweek status, but it’s undeniably better than working full-time.

I’ve been occupying myself with “cheap/free” activities: reading, fooling on the internet, TV and movies, growing a beard, working out, breaking my pinky, cooking, eating, meeting up with people to chat or catch up, and the beach. But first, let’s start with…

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