Finishing the Super Spartan Race, Barefoot and Barely

“Shit…I’m going to die in a fire.”

Thanh pointed out, “You have wet mud all over so you probably won’t burn right away.” Pretty reassuring, actually.

Piled no more than one foot tall, no more than two feet wide, was a row of burning wood. It clearly wasn’t made to be a substantial obstacle. Just a last “haroo!” that made for a great photo opp as you jumped through fire like an action hero. Any other day, it¬†should have barely elicited a quick glance before a quick hop over. But at that moment, it was like¬†Springfield Gorge. “You can always do burpees instead,” Thanh reminded.

“No, no. I can barely stand up right now. No burpees. I can’t do burpees.” Every single muscle in both of my legs were at their very limit. I had trouble standing.

TL;DR: For 3.5 hours, in these cold, foggy hills, I had pushed myself further physically than I ever had in my entire life. (Warning: long post ahead.)


Taken about halfway through. Is it just me, or is there something about this photo that makes it look like we’re now dead?

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