Stories: A Simple Way to Manage Complicated Emotions

Emotions. As wild, mysterious, and unpredictable as the seas. Sometimes, they seem impossible to understand…

But you know what’s easy to understand? Stories. In fact, our brains use stories primarily to help us understand. And that’s pretty great for us, because emotions are stories.

Okay, that’s a bit bold. Let’s try this: Without a story, there is no emotion.


Few people are better than boy bands at getting people emotional. Also, good song! #Relevant

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My First Talk About Business

I titled this, “Asian-American Accountant, Barefoot Business Beast.” Other potential titles could be:

  • “How to Start a Shoe Company with $7K, While Working Full-Time.”
  • “Mental Barriers to Entrepreneurship, & Why They Didn’t Stop a Schmuck Like Me”
  • and “The Most You Can Learn About Mountain in 30 Minutes.” Just kidding. (Kidding about this being a potential title. Otherwise, I do think this is the most you can learn about me in just 30 minutes.)

This talk is nearly a year old now. So much has happened since then–the big thing being that we are now a real business sending real products to real customers for real money (see But everything I said in the video still remains true. Thank you Multi-Asian Student Association for having me back

Need Motivation? Find a Safe Place to Brag

Do you want to write more? Do you want to workout or train more? Then let’s do it together. Join me in The Writing Game and on Fitocracy. You’ll find yourself in a Safe Place to Brag. It will keep you on track with your goals, and learn better ways to get there.happify triumphs

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