My Favorite Thing to Hear


I like hearing primal grunts and clanging iron…But that’s only part of what this post is about!

If you rave, you know that “I love you”┬áis not an uncommon thing to hear. And it really is great to hear, I’m not trying to sell it short.

But you know what I like to hear even more than “I love you”?

“You inspire me.” Continue reading

My Daily Kefir Smoothie


The majority of healthy weirdos have some sort of smoothie or juice they consume on a daily or semi-daily basis. I’m one of them =P

Consider the decision-making process that goes into a smoothie. What goes into it, how it’s made, and how it’s consumed. With so much room for design, I think it┬áreveals a lot about that person’s knowledge, goals, and values. In that vein, I’d like to share with you my daily smoothie!

Here are the ingredients, in the order that I place them into the blender: Continue reading