Design-Focused Video Interview, at The 21 Convention

video-interview-21-conventionI first heard about the 21 Convention back in 2011, when Richard Nikoley (a very happy owner of our shoes) spoke there. A number of other Paleo luminaries, such as Keith Norris and Mark Sisson (also happy owners of our shoes) have spoken there through the years, which kept the 21 Convention on my radar. You can watch all the health-related talks here.

We finally connected when Founder Anthony Johnson reached out, and I’m so glad he did. I sent him a pair of shoes, and he sent me a ticket to the 21 Convention, where we were able to film this combo shoe review / interview with me. What I loved about doing this interview was how much we got to dive into design details. I put a lot of thought into every part of the shoe, and it’s very rewarding when someone not only notices but appreciates it to the level that Anthony does. Continue reading

Interview on Survival Punk Podcast Episode 110


I like mixing things up to create new things, or what James Altucher calls “idea sex.” My barefoot dress shoe, Chronology? That’s some sweet, sweet, idea sex. And James Burnette’s “Survival with a Punk Attitude”? Yea, hardcore idea sex.

James and Mike are hilarious and this was a fun show to be on. We talk about…

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