Seeing How Much My Gloving Has Progressed

Watch in HD!

I’ve been gloving since April 2013. In May 2014, Jon and I did an R&B challenge. I knew this song “Moist” by Janet Jackson because 220 made a beautiful piece to it, so I gave it a go. At the time, I was so proud of how it came out, it was the first lightshow I uploaded to Facebook.
I watched that lightshow recently, and… You ever find some of your old work, and you give your younger self a “Not Bad” Obama face? Well, this was NOT one of those times. I was not impressed. Kinda disappointed actually. I still love the song though, so I decided to throw another lightshow to it.

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Design-Focused Video Interview, at The 21 Convention

video-interview-21-conventionI first heard about the 21 Convention back in 2011, when Richard Nikoley (a very happy owner of our shoes) spoke there. A number of other Paleo luminaries, such as Keith Norris and Mark Sisson (also happy owners of our shoes) have spoken there through the years, which kept the 21 Convention on my radar. You can watch all the health-related talks here.

We finally connected when Founder Anthony Johnson reached out, and I’m so glad he did. I sent him a pair of shoes, and he sent me a ticket to the 21 Convention, where we were able to film this combo shoe review / interview with me. What I loved about doing this interview was how much we got to dive into design details. I put a lot of thought into every part of the shoe, and it’s very rewarding when someone not only notices but appreciates it to the level that Anthony does. Continue reading

Interview on Survival Punk Podcast Episode 110


I like mixing things up to create new things, or what James Altucher calls “idea sex.” My barefoot dress shoe, Chronology? That’s some sweet, sweet, idea sex. And James Burnette’s “Survival with a Punk Attitude”? Yea, hardcore idea sex.

James and Mike are hilarious and this was a fun show to be on. We talk about…

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5 Unexpected Things I Love About Bodybuilding

5 unexpected things i love about bodybuilding

I’m digging these K-Pop finger hearts so much more than the old peace sign!

Ever since maybe 2000, around 13 years old, I’ve been watching what I eat and exercising regularly, to varying degrees. But it wasn’t until late 2013 that I started explicitly bodybuilding. And I love it. Here are 5 Unexpected Things I Love About Bodybuilding.

#1 It’s honest

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Lightning on my Body: My LIB Diet & Training

magicmtn mtnevan lib front flexing

Veins = lightning bolts zigzagging on your body.

I’ve had a few people asking what my diet and training is like since I started putting up pics from Lightning in a Bottle. You’ll be surprised how simple it is. A lot of this is about what I DON’T do.

First, I’m going to lay it out for you, so you can see how surprisingly simple it is. Then, I’ll expand on each of the points further down.


  1. I get at least 80g of protein per day, usually close to 100g.
  2. I don’t worry about other macros.
  3. I don’t count calories.
  4. When I’m bulking, I eat as much as I can until I’m very full, but not until I’m stuffed.
  5. When I’m cutting, I eat as little as I can until I’m a bit hungry, but not until I’m starved.
  6. I have milk and a big meal after my workouts. Otherwise, I don’t follow a meal timing or frequency plan. I eat when I wanna.
  7. I take 3 supplements: Vitamin D, Creatine, and ZMA. I’m mindful of Omega-3, but I eat fish and eggs rather than supplements.

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Let’s Trade Art: Workshops at a House Party

“Let your freak flag fly”

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For this past New Year’s, my rave fam booked an Airbnb in Beverly Hills. We decided not to go to any events, and just chill and party in the house. A few weeks before it, I had an idea: workshops =D

One of my favorite parts about taking trips with my rave fam is trading art with them. It usually happens spontaneously, which is cool. But one of the downsides of spontaneity is scheduling. If I’m already teaching one thing here, while someone else is teaching another thing there, I’m missing out! Continue reading

Copy Paste: How to Journal Easily

I don't actually write with a flower-petal pen nor drink out of tea cups... I just picked the least intimidating photo of journaling I could find.

I don’t actually write with a flower-petal pen, nor drink out of tea cups… I just picked the least intimidating photo of journaling I could find. ( pc: Carli Jean / Unsplash )

I’m here to share a really easy way to start a journaling habit. It’s literally Copy Paste. But first, have you heard about the benefits of journaling? Continue reading

Mail Merge in Gmail helps me confirm addresses quickly

gmail mail merge address confirm

When I first got shoe inventory in May 2013, I sent a pair of shoes to a customer’s old address. No surprise, they went missing. So now, when I fulfill pre-orders for Chronology, I always make sure to confirm shipping address with my customers.

A few weeks ago, as I was preparing these “confirm address” emails, I found myself copy+pasting data multiple times for each email. Surely there must be a better way! I remembered learning how to run mail merges before. You create a template in Word, then create a spreadsheet in Excel with the data to be merged. Maybe you could do this with Gmail and Google Docs too? A quick Google search proved that yes you can!

Here is my template below.

Hey {{Full Name}},

How’s it going? I have your pair of {{SKU}} inspected, packed, and ready to ship! Is this still the best address to send them to? Thanks!


Best Regards,

Mountain Evan Chang

For detailed instructions on how to do this, check out: