Feature: Justin Fong & AutoCon

“Everything I do…is me. I love cars. I love marketing. I love people. I love design. I love art. You could say it’s the definition of Justin Fong.”

One of the things I’ve wanted to do with this blog is feature Asian Boys with Killer Abs, in a way that showcases the Killer Skills, diverse interests, and unique accomplishments of our members. I’ve known Justin since I was a kid (our moms are friends), but this was the first time we’ve ever really talked one-on-one. My mom forwarded an e-mail invite for an “AutoCon: Automotive Function & Charity Event,” that he was coordinating. That’s cool, I thought. I had seen some pictures of his pimp ride pop up on my Facebook and knew he was a big part of the car show community now. It’s great to see someone doing what he loves, and doing it well. I had also heard from my brother, who had seen him at the gym, that Justin is real jacked now, too. Then it clicked: he would be perfect for our first featured Asian Boy with Killer Abs. Continue reading