Want to Improve Your Running, Lifting, and more? Pull In Your Anus

“If you study old forms of martial arts or yoga, you know that there are like horse stance exercises and movements that you perform where you draw the belly button in, and, strange as this sounds, you pull the anus up in. So you have like a going down and going up effect that I believe they call a ‘root lock.’ Because it’s the center, the true core of your body, and you’re locking it in by activating the pelvis basin.”

The video title is a bit cheesy, but the info is legit. It’s about way more than just flat abs.

For years, I had this nagging feeling that my legs were imbalanced in length. The left feels slightly longer than the right (or as my mom says it, my right leg is shorter than the left, because neither of my legs long, ha). When I line up my hips against a flat surface, there does appear to be a discrepancy in my femurs, i.e. thigh-bones. Continue reading

Told Through DOTA

One of the reasons why I love DOTA so much is the variety of opportunities to make reference to the game in daily conversation!

If Jeet Kune Do practitioners were in DOTA, they would be Agility heroes.

I’m taking JKD at the local community college, where I also took Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2 years ago. I love the community college system! The course is only $42 (including parking) for 15 2-hour sessions.

JKD is the system that Bruce Lee developed, and our coach teaches the art in its “final form” before Bruce passed away. A couple JKD fundamentals: strong-side forward (that means right-side forward for right-handers, vice-versa), rear heel raised, rear arch perpendicular to lead toe. It’s a pretty unorthodox stance, and it took awhile to get used to. Once you get the hang of it though, you can be very mobile. It makes it really easy to close the gap and deliver that powerful first decisive attack. I think in dangerous situations this is essential, as their surprise allows you to end the fight with a lethal flurry. It’s like a Blink-strike combined with a Bash, FTW!

From there, what I see my instructor and his teaching aids do, is constantly change levels and angles, attacking from multiple directions while staying on the move. It reminds me of Juggernaut’s Omni-slash. I don’t think I’d do that though…it takes awhile to become proficient.

I was playing as Techies last night with Justin. Techies has recently become one of my favorite characters, and as the game neared the end, I realized why. This is exactly how I want to make my money!

I then fell asleep and had a dream that I was hanging out with Kaila Yu (Bill is her friend, apparently).

With Techies, you just run around the map, put down a few bombs/traps, and watch shit blow up. You’re never in the line of danger, and for the most part just let your team do the ganking/pushing (although I do enjoy helping out with suicides in the heat of a battle, or placing traps to help my teammates retreat). After level 6, you pretty much just sit back and let the money and exp roll in. It certainly isn’t as much money or exp as other characters. But hey, given the level of risk involved, the effort, and your basic needs, it’s plenty.

Low-risk, low-investment, decent returns, and a chance for strong upside. That’s what I’m looking for.