Design-Focused Video Interview, at The 21 Convention

video-interview-21-conventionI first heard about the 21 Convention back in 2011, when Richard Nikoley (a very happy owner of our shoes) spoke there. A number of other Paleo luminaries, such as Keith Norris and Mark Sisson (also happy owners of our shoes) have spoken there through the years, which kept the 21 Convention on my radar. You can watch all the health-related talks here.

We finally connected when Founder Anthony Johnson reached out, and I’m so glad he did. I sent him a pair of shoes, and he sent me a ticket to the 21 Convention, where we were able to film this combo shoe review / interview with me. What I loved about doing this interview was how much we got to dive into design details. I put a lot of thought into every part of the shoe, and it’s very rewarding when someone not only notices but appreciates it to the level that Anthony does. Continue reading

My First Talk About Business

I titled this, “Asian-American Accountant, Barefoot Business Beast.” Other potential titles could be:

  • “How to Start a Shoe Company with $7K, While Working Full-Time.”
  • “Mental Barriers to Entrepreneurship, & Why They Didn’t Stop a Schmuck Like Me”
  • and “The Most You Can Learn About Mountain in 30 Minutes.” Just kidding. (Kidding about this being a potential title. Otherwise, I do think this is the most you can learn about me in just 30 minutes.)

This talk is nearly a year old now. So much has happened since then–the big thing being that we are now a real business sending real products to real customers for real money (see But everything I said in the video still remains true. Thank you Multi-Asian Student Association for having me back

Want to Improve Your Running, Lifting, and more? Pull In Your Anus

“If you study old forms of martial arts or yoga, you know that there are like horse stance exercises and movements that you perform where you draw the belly button in, and, strange as this sounds, you pull the anus up in. So you have like a going down and going up effect that I believe they call a ‘root lock.’ Because it’s the center, the true core of your body, and you’re locking it in by activating the pelvis basin.”

The video title is a bit cheesy, but the info is legit. It’s about way more than just flat abs.

For years, I had this nagging feeling that my legs were imbalanced in length. The left feels slightly longer than the right (or as my mom says it, my right leg is shorter than the left, because neither of my legs long, ha). When I line up my hips against a flat surface, there does appear to be a discrepancy in my femurs, i.e. thigh-bones. Continue reading

Finishing the Super Spartan Race, Barefoot and Barely

“Shit…I’m going to die in a fire.”

Thanh pointed out, “You have wet mud all over so you probably won’t burn right away.” Pretty reassuring, actually.

Piled no more than one foot tall, no more than two feet wide, was a row of burning wood. It clearly wasn’t made to be a substantial obstacle. Just a last “haroo!” that made for a great photo opp as you jumped through fire like an action hero. Any other day, it should have barely elicited a quick glance before a quick hop over. But at that moment, it was like Springfield Gorge. “You can always do burpees instead,” Thanh reminded.

“No, no. I can barely stand up right now. No burpees. I can’t do burpees.” Every single muscle in both of my legs were at their very limit. I had trouble standing.

TL;DR: For 3.5 hours, in these cold, foggy hills, I had pushed myself further physically than I ever had in my entire life. (Warning: long post ahead.)


Taken about halfway through. Is it just me, or is there something about this photo that makes it look like we’re now dead?

Continue reading

On Convincing People to Try Barefoot

My friend Andrew Rademacher of Leming Footwear asked on his company’s facebook page:

Have you managed to convert anyone to minimalism? Or have you just been met with a wall of rejection? It seems like everyone anti-minimalism goes to a convention together because every reasoning always ends up with “We were not meant to run on hard surfaces.”

My reply:

I’m counting 9 people total that I’ve gotten to go minimalist. The common denominator among these 9 is that, while skeptical, they were all willing to just take off their shoes and give it a shot. If someone isn’t even willing to give it a shot and see for themselves, I don’t bother trying anymore. No amount of evidence nor reasoning from me would convince them otherwise.

Final note…100% of the people who were willing to give it a shot are now minimalist walkers/runners.

This is probably true of most unordinary and extraordinary things.