2nd Annual Celebration & Official Blog Launch

It's 8/8 again! The 2nd annual All Asian Boys Have Killer Abs Celebration, and we're kicking it off with our official blog launch. About time we had a blog, right?
We'll have posts on fitness, food, fashion, featured monthly members, and everything else you'd would find Killer. To join in the festivities this year:
1) Change your profile pic to one showcasing your Killer Abs. 2) Tell your friends the good word! Invite them to this event, to the group, to check out the blog, etc!...
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Told Through DOTA

One of the reasons why I love DOTA so much is the variety of opportunities to make reference to the game in daily conversation! -- If Jeet Kune Do practitioners were in DOTA, they would be Agility heroes. I'm taking JKD at the local community college, where I also took Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2 years ago. I love the community college system! The course is only $42 (including parking) for 15 2-hour sessions. JKD is the system that Bruce Lee developed, and our coach teaches the art in its ...

Scam Bam

"Dear, Can I come and invest in your country? My name is Rold Faiz, the formal Pakistan presidential aspirant campaign manager of (MRS BENAZIR BHUTTO) who was killed while attending a rally in Rawalpindi in Pakistan on 27th December 2007. I got your contact through my personal search to see if you can assist me to invest in your country or can find a reliable person who will be capable of receiving huge amount in his or her personal account. I will be glad to receive your prompt response t...

Summer love and Love

So she's just a friend now. A funny, smart, reasonable, curious, cool, stylish, hot, gorgeous friend. LOL. Ya, wasn't easy. While we were still seeing each other, a good friend asked me, "Doesn't it hurt knowing it'll be over so soon?" This same friend also said to me, "You always get the meaningful relationships." I might be wrong, but perhaps there's some correlation here. On our last day together, I had told her that I don't get heartbroken easily. I was trying to ex...

Exploring the Cliffs with Ricky

My name is Mountain Chang, and I can climb anything! That's right, you're reading the LiveJournal of Mesa Robles Middle School's fastest pole-ascender. The first name should say it all already, but I bet none of you knew CHANG = Cliff-Hiking Adventurer of the Next Generation. More