Lightning on my Body: My LIB Diet & Training

magicmtn mtnevan lib front flexing

Veins = lightning bolts zigzagging on your body.

I’ve had a few people asking what my diet and training is like since I started putting up pics from Lightning in a Bottle. You’ll be surprised how simple it is. A lot of this is about what I DON’T do.

First, I’m going to lay it out for you, so you can see how surprisingly simple it is. Then, I’ll expand on each of the points further down.


  1. I get at least 80g of protein per day, usually close to 100g.
  2. I don’t worry about other macros.
  3. I don’t count calories.
  4. When I’m bulking, I eat as much as I can until I’m very full, but not until I’m stuffed.
  5. When I’m cutting, I eat as little as I can until I’m a bit hungry, but not until I’m starved.
  6. I have milk and a big meal after my workouts. Otherwise, I don’t follow a meal timing or frequency plan. I eat when I wanna.
  7. I take 3 supplements: Vitamin D, Creatine, and ZMA. I’m mindful of Omega-3, but I eat fish and eggs rather than supplements.

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My First Talk About Business

I titled this, “Asian-American Accountant, Barefoot Business Beast.” Other potential titles could be:

  • “How to Start a Shoe Company with $7K, While Working Full-Time.”
  • “Mental Barriers to Entrepreneurship, & Why They Didn’t Stop a Schmuck Like Me”
  • and “The Most You Can Learn About Mountain in 30 Minutes.” Just kidding. (Kidding about this being a potential title. Otherwise, I do think this is the most you can learn about me in just 30 minutes.)

This talk is nearly a year old now. So much has happened since then–the big thing being that we are now a real business sending real products to real customers for real money (see But everything I said in the video still remains true. Thank you Multi-Asian Student Association for having me back

Self-Employed No Income, or The Summer Vacation I Never Had

Beach & Beard, staples of Summer 2012. via Instagram

“What have you been up to, Mountain?”

If you’re my friend (real and/or facebook), you probably know I left my job in March to travel the country for 10 weeks, promoting my startup the Primal Professional. Since returning to San Diego late May, life has been less exciting, but different enough to warrant a blog post. We have enough savings and enough potential for income in the near future to be comfortable without clocking in for paychecks. But we don’t have so much savings nor such a guaranteed future income to really do everything we want to. It’s not quite 4-Hour Workweek status, but it’s undeniably better than working full-time.

I’ve been occupying myself with “cheap/free” activities: reading, fooling on the internet, TV and movies, growing a beard, working out, breaking my pinky, cooking, eating, meeting up with people to chat or catch up, and the beach. But first, let’s start with…

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