Interview on Survival Punk Podcast Episode 110


I like mixing things up to create new things, or what James Altucher calls “idea sex.” My barefoot dress shoe, Chronology? That’s some sweet, sweet, idea sex. And James Burnette’s “Survival with a Punk Attitude”? Yea, hardcore idea sex.

James and Mike are hilarious and this was a fun show to be on. We talk about…

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Open Letter from Your Friend with Dietary Restrictions

Hello Dear,

How are you? I hope this letter finds you well. I want to start by sincerely thanking you for inviting me to and/or having me at your event.

As the holiday season kicks in, folks are coming together more often, and with an increased focus on food. I felt like this would be a good time to clarify a few things. Airing these out should make life easier for everyone concerned, and avoid future conflict or unpleasantries =)

I’ll sometimes speak from the plural “we” and “us,” because I feel these statements can be shared by the majority of people who are on some form of restricted diet. We restrict different things, in different quantities, at different times of our lives, and for different reasons, but here are some general sentiments that we all share.

The first one is…

1. You don’t have to make special accommodations for us.

You really don’t. We’ve been at this for a long time and we know how to make do in any eating situation. Or, we’re new, and we need to learn how to do this anyway.

2. Sometimes, we prepare in advance by eating a bit more before the event. We don’t mean disrespect.

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Need Motivation? Find a Safe Place to Brag

Do you want to write more? Do you want to workout or train more? Then let’s do it together. Join me in The Writing Game and on Fitocracy. You’ll find yourself in a Safe Place to Brag. It will keep you on track with your goals, and learn better ways to get there.happify triumphs

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Why I Got a Shotgun, or The Importance of Self-Reliance

I got my first firearm: a shotgun. It’s a simple, reliable, pretty affordable, and highly versatile survival tool. Because of California’s waiting period, I was in anticipation for 10 days, and I shared my excitement over conversations. Unexpectedly but unsurprisingly, that excitement was usually met with puzzlement, and/or fear. But I enjoyed the discussion, and with each subsequent chat, I’ve been better able to refine my views.

So here, my California liberal friends, is Why I got a shotgun. Firearm knowledge and ownership are a natural extension of the same personal responsibility you apply to and cultivate in other areas of life.  Continue reading

The HopeFUL Romantic

It distresses me to see the state of romance in college. Romance has been disregarded as nothing but childish fancy. To feel like they do in the ballads and the fairy tales is immature, they say. The mentality is that romance exists only in the plane of movie screen and novel page, but not in our third dimension, and that one should not waste time daydreaming about it.

How can we give up on something so precious? Other than love, what emotion comes as close to that of romance? That heat, that electricity. It fires through your body, from the soles of your feet to the tips of your hair. Then you feel it all around you, that static tickling your skin, raising you up so that you may reach even the farthest of stars. Do you bring it back for her, to put the star and her in perspective, so that she may see that she truly is the most beautiful? Or do you take her by the hand and fly away to dance in the sky, where you feel as if you’re the only ones in the world, when you feel as if then will last forever.

There is no such thing as a hopeless romantic, only hopeful romantics. The very fact that they are romantics means that the possibility of the love they’ve always dreamed about does exist for them. The only people who have no hope are the unromantic. Because they’ve disbelieved romance, disregarded romance, disrespected romance, no one will want to share romance with them. It’s psychological projection. And even if someone were willing, the unromantic heart will be too closed to receive, perhaps even too hard to understand.

There is no such thing as a hopeless romantic. Romantics are, by nature, hopeful. And they have, by nature, plenty of hope for them.