Copy Paste: How to Journal Easily

I don't actually write with a flower-petal pen nor drink out of tea cups... I just picked the least intimidating photo of journaling I could find.

I don’t actually write with a flower-petal pen, nor drink out of tea cups… I just picked the least intimidating photo of journaling I could find. ( pc: Carli Jean / Unsplash )

I’m here to share a really easy way to start a journaling habit. It’s literally Copy Paste. But first, have you heard about the benefits of journaling? According to The Art of Manliness:

  1. Great men keep journals.
  2. Your children and grandchildren will want to read it.
  3. It can help you make difficult decisions
  4. It can help you reevaluate difficult decisions
  5. It can help take difficult decisions off your mind
  6. Journaling grants you immortality
  7. Journaling improves your health

In The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills, Daniel Coyle offers Tip #4: Buy a Notebook.

“A high percentage of top performers keeps some form of daily performance journal. Tennis champion Serena Williams and former World Series MVP Curt Schilling use notebooks; the rapper Eminem and the choreographer Twyla Tharp use shoeboxes, which they fill with ideas written on scrap paper. What matters is not the precise form. What matters is that you write stuff down and reflect on it. Results from today. Ideas for tomorrow. Goals for next week. A notebook works like a map: It creates clarity.”

Now that you know the why, let’s move onto the how.

You know the things that you tell your friends and family over conversation?

If these things are noteworthy enough to tell them about, I think it’s noteworthy enough to put into your journal. If it was told over a text medium, then it’s already done, because you’ve already written it. Just copy+paste =). Another benefit is that, once it’s written, it can be retold with a simple copy+paste too.

Having all of your noteworthy thoughts and experiences consolidated in one central repository makes it easier to retrieve and reflect on them later. Without copy+paste journaling, you’d have to dig through multiple apps and scroll through lines and lines of conversation trying to find it.

Give it a try right now!

Open up a chat thread you have with one of your best friends, and take a look at what you thought was noteworthy enough to share with them. Then just copy+paste it into a Google Doc, and there you go! You’ve journaled for the day.

Another tip I’d like to share is to keep separate journals for separate activities. I have journals for accounting, ecommerce, gloving, relationships, physical training, and a personal catch-all. Most of these are in Evernote, while physical training is in Fitocracy.

How do you journal? Have you had trouble keeping up a journaling habit? Let me know how this copy+paste method works for you =) Happy journaling!