Let’s Trade Art: Workshops at a House Party

“Let your freak flag fly”

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For this past New Year’s, my rave fam booked an Airbnb in Beverly Hills. We decided not to go to any events, and just chill and party in the house. A few weeks before it, I had an idea: workshops =D

One of my favorite parts about taking trips with my rave fam is trading art with them. It usually happens spontaneously, which is cool. But one of the downsides of spontaneity is scheduling. If I’m already teaching one thing here, while someone else is teaching another thing there, I’m missing out!

Since we had all this unstructured time with each other, I thought it would be nice to actually schedule some workshops. There’s a couple advantages to this:

  1. No scheduling conflicts! You can attend every workshop you want to.
  2. The more the merrier! It’s more fun with more people.
  3. Easier for the instructor! They don’t have to repeat themselves as much, and students can help each other.
  4. “Discipline is freedom!” With a schedule, we can fit in more activities.

I put up a spreadsheet with timeslots, and told my group that if they have an idea, put it up. We had workshops on how to do magic tricks with cards, how to make sous vide steak, improv, yoga, and stretching. I taught gloving, of course =P. My personal trainer friend wanted to hold a deadlifting workshop and was looking for a gym that we could all get free passes to. I told him I’ll bring my barbell set so we could do it in the house. And the pole dancer in our group brought her pole down from NorCal to teach her workshop!