Seeing How Much My Gloving Has Progressed

Watch in HD!

I’ve been gloving since April 2013. In May 2014, Jon and I did an R&B challenge. I knew this song “Moist” by Janet Jackson because 220 made a beautiful piece to it, so I gave it a go. At the time, I was so proud of how it came out, it was the first lightshow I uploaded to Facebook.
I watched that lightshow recently, and… You ever find some of your old work, and you give your younger self a “Not Bad” Obama face? Well, this was NOT one of those times. I was not impressed. Kinda disappointed actually. I still love the song though, so I decided to throw another lightshow to it.

This lightshow ended up becoming so many things.
First, it’s a fun way to compare my progress against my original video. Here’s the link if you’re curious, but I am warning you, it ain’t good
Second, because it’s a lyrical song, I choreographed this whole damn thing. Since this was my second time doing this, I thought it would be a faster process. It might have been relatively faster, but it still took a long time. (Here’s my first choreographed lightshow, to Taylor Swift – Style
I was noticeably less frustrated this time around though. And once again, the choreography process taught me a lot. The way she sings fast-fast-fast and then slowwwww was a challenge for speed control. And a lot of the closeup moves taught me the importance of isolation.
Third, I showcase a concept that I’m making a tutorial video on. You can see it at the drop. I’m thinking of calling it “rotating railgun,” but I’m open to suggestions.
Fourth, because the song is called “Moist”, I thought it only fitting that I go for a wet look. This will likely become a standard MagicMtn lightshow thing.
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